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ZN Global Ltd (trading as) “Nevada Models”.



THIS AGREEMENT is made between

ZN Global Ltd (Trading as Nevada Models) and who’s registered office is located at 1 Victoria Court, Bank Square, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS27 9SE (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”)

– and –

The Applicants (hereinafter referred to as “the Model”)


The following services will be provided by the Model on behalf of the agency:

2.1       Providing via the Agency, webcam chat and modelling/ performing services, at all times as a self-employed, freelance independent contractor. Details of such services shall be featured via the Agency’s webcam accounts. The Agency shall at all times act as a Conduit or “portal” for the Model. The Model shall supply the Agency with 3 – 8 representative photographs for public feature on the Agency’s website and personal description which should be suitable for publication, accurate and contain details of personal bio. The Agency shall set the per rate (which can be negotiable) charged for performance time. The Model’s profile shall be updated as required.

2.2        The services will be carried out by the named Model who may work for other Agencies or individually, as long as they first terminate the agreement with Nevada Models. The Model is to observe and abide by any Code of Conduct and Behaviour published by the Agency/ website, and act in a professional manner at all times.


3.1        The work will be during the times stipulated by the Freelance Model until this agreement is terminated by either party or by mutual agreement.


4.1        This contract will be considered a rolling and ongoing one which can be terminated by giving 24 hours written notice by either party. Any funds owing to the Model will be credited to their nominated ban account within 14 days thereafter. There shall be a test or familiarization period of 14 days from the commencement of this agreement, to ensure the parties are suited to each other, without penalization should the services not continue after that initial test period.

4.2        This agreement shall terminate immediately in the event of failure on the part of either party to observe any material obligation under this agreement, or in the event of any misconduct which the Agency feels justifies the ending of this agreement and removal from the Agency, in its absolute judgement. Such misconduct will include fraud, breaches of confidentiality, abusive or discriminatory behavior, racist, sexist or homophobic abuse, misappropriation of Agency’s property or confidential information, inappropriate social media comments, broadcasting of unlawful or prohibited content, or actions considered to upset the professional image of the Agency.

5.0     FEES

The Model will agree to set their own rates per broadcasting time. The Agency shall set the initial broadcasting rate as a general guide with the Model able to change this rate according to their own preference.

5.1        Any fees charged and received by the Model should cover any personal implications or obligations for national insurance contributions, income tax, and all own personal expenses. The Agency shall not be liable for any such payments to the Model, and the Model indemnifies The Agency in respect of any such matters required for taxation, National Insurance etc.

5.2        The Model acknowledges and agrees, that this agreement alone regulates remuneration/ payment for their services, and that no joint venture, partnership, share scheme or employment situation exists and that no further salary, compensation, payments, bonuses, commissions, share options or future royalties of any description whatsoever are to be expected or paid by the Agency.

5.3        The Model shall broadcast via the Agency’s channels and the Agency shall collect any payments or fees to its own central account. The Model is to supply an invoice or work timesheet record for payment of any fees owed. The Agency shall pay these fees to the Model less its percentage management charge agreed with the Model.

5.4        Models who are US Citizens must make sure that they are permitted to provide webcam services under the laws of their own individual State of residence. Models who are US Citizens may be required to complete and submit Form 2555 or Form 1040ES to the IRS declaring their earnings. Such Models should check this requirement directly with the IRS.


6.1        If the Model is unable to work due to illness or other commitments, the Model agrees that no sickness benefit or holiday pay or any other payments will be given by the Agency.


The Model is to abide by the following Codes of Conduct and agency requirements;

7.1        Current contact and bank account details must at all times be kept up to date

7.2        The Model must have the right to reside and earn money in the country they reside in.

7.3        proof of id must be shown signed and copied (driving licence or passport and a bank statement or utility bill (not a bill for mobile phone) showing their residential address.

7.4        such copy of proof will be held on file by the Agency.

7.5        the Model shall confirm that they have no prior serious criminal record or any pending trials or are under investigation by the police for acts which will damage the Agency’s   reputation.

7.6        the Model gives their permission to advertise their services on their behalf, both online and offline using the details they supply, for the duration of this agreement. The Model indemnifies the Agency against any photographic, video or audio images or for any live broadcast interactions that contravene standards of public morality or infringe the copyright belonging to another.

7.7        The Model warrants that they are providing their services solely of their own volition and are not at any time being forced or unduly influenced to do so.

7.8        The Model shall at all times follow the terms and conditions or standards of any channel that the services are broadcast through and shall not set-up any competing  channel or Agency with those channels whilst under agreement with the Company.

7.9        The model hereby agrees that they are free to work for any other outlet independently. They agree that they will not contract with any other Agency during the term of this contract.

7.10      The Model will not use or divulge or communicate to any person any confidential  information which belongs to the Agency or any client or other Model performing services for the Agency.


10.1      This agreement does not form the basis of an employment relationship between the Agency and the Model. The Model is responsible for directly paying their own tax and National Insurance contributions. The Model is not an authorised agent of the agency and cannot  create any contracts, arrangements or other obligations for it.

10.2      The Model is at all times advised by the Agency to register as self-employed with HMRC or    declare any earnings as part of their usual tax returns.

10.3      The Model will account to the appropriate authorities for any income tax and national insurance charges arising out of any payment made to the Model, directly themselves. The Agency does not operate any PAYE scheme.

10.4      The Model agrees to indemnify the agency against any income tax or National Insurance due by him/her which may be levied on the Agency by the appropriate authorities.

10.5      Models who are US Citizens may be required to comply with the conditions in Clause 5.4 and it is their responsibility to check these conditions.


11.1      The Model agrees to abide by the agency’s health and safety policy, equal opportunity policy, children and vulnerable adult protection policy, customer service policy and codes of  professional conduct if any are issued. Such copies will be given to the Model upon their                   publication.


                     13.1      This agreement can be changed only with the written consent of both sides. Neither party shall be deemed in default of its obligations under this agreement nor shall be liable to the other to the extent that it is unable to perform any of its obligations by reason of any    event    or circumstance beyond its reasonable control. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive  jurisdiction of the English courts in the event of any dispute.